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Deputy Director of Higher Education,

Kangra at Dharamsala - 176215



It is of an immense pleasure for me and whole of the staff to have the opportunity to serve such an oldest office of the Kangra district which is going to launch its own Web site. As we know Web site is the mirror of any institution in this modern age where we can make our past present and future alive.


Now we are the part of the very big family joined globally on the earth able to get and share the information at any corner of the world. This website will be duly updated in coming time, giving latest information regarding schools ,notifications and other information’s which are very useful to schools as well as to this office. Moreover, by living in the era of advanced information technology and have to keep pace with this advancement as well.


Education as well as positive thinking plays a vital role in the all-round development of the personality of an individual. As in the words of famous poet and play write ShakespeareNothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. So, one must think in a positive manner to attain excellence. Hence train your mind and think your way to success. Action speaks louder than words. Nothing is impossible and unattainable, only sincere effort is the main requisite.


This website will definitely provide platform to all the concerned to share their views about the working of this office. I personally feel that all of us have to realize our responsibilities and set an example in society by leading life in an honest, dignified and righteous manner.


Last but not least, I would like to appreciate the efforts of Sh.SandeepDewan Nodal Officer to develop the Website of this office and express my best wishes to make the successful launching  of Web site.  




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